When Morae Legal speaks, people listen

The experts at Morae Legal are in demand – not only for their legal expertise in meeting client needs, but also for their thoughtful, educated insight provided to editors. Recently, our team has been featured in the following articles and publications.

Survey Says: Office of General Counsel Ready for New Delivery of Legal Services

With increased focus on regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions and litigation, legal department spend continues to grow at many corporations. But these same departments face pressure to be more efficient and cut costs, or at the very least, keep costs under control.

Disruption Strategies for Any Size Law Department

During our recent conversation with Bjarne Tellmann, Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Pearson plc , we asked him to provide some advice to smaller law departments that may not be facing the same challenges and have the same support.

Internal and External Implications of Change in Law Departments

Bjarne Tellmann discusses how his lawyers, law firms and clients are responding to the disruption in legal service delivery.

Legaltech West Coast

Join the Revolution: Alternative Resource Strategies to Capture New M&A Work

A recent LexisNexis report on M&A trends suggests that companies are loath to hire new law firms to handle significant M&A transactions. Specifically, according to the Enterprise Legal Management Trends Report 2015 Year-End Edition: Outside Counsel Fees for M&A Activity Surge, only 31 percent of companies hired a new law firm to handle an M&A transaction in 2015. For big law firms, this highlights the challenge associated with capturing M&A work from new clients. Clients typically have a high degree of comfort with the incumbent, not to mention a significant investment in education and training around the client’s business, personnel and preferred way of transacting.

Five areas where technology is making a significant inroads in law departments

This is part four of a six-part blog series covering a recent conversation between Bjarne Tellman of Pearson plc and Joy Saphla from Morae Legal. During the conversation, Tellmann was asked what has technology changed in his law department.