Congratulations on your New GC appointment. What to do next? Download our New General Counsel Checklist and get a head start today.

Today’s General Counsel are evaluated on their ability to deliver the highest level of legal services at the optimal cost – and, increasingly, they are expected to deliver these results quickly. For new General Counsel, the honeymoon period presents a one-time opportunity to head in that direction by asking the right questions and challenging the status quo. It is imperative that this initial period unearth specific departmental strengths and weaknesses and lay the foundation for a pragmatic, business-focused law department.

Navigating disruption in legal service delivery? See what Corporate Counsel magazine says.

Changes to the way legal services are delivered are coming about in rapid succession – so much so that corporate counsel may feel like they need a roadmap to figure out the best path to follow.

What’s your data identification and preservation strategy? Learn today’s best practices during our upcoming webinar.

Legal teams are presented with numerous questions when they make a decision of how they go about preserving information. Do they preserve by collection? Do they collect everything from any potential custodian? Is just sending a legal hold notice enough? How often must they send legal hold reminders or re-issuance notices?