Morae Legal’s Teju Deshpande Talks Contracts Management Excellence as Guest Blogger on SpringCM

Too often the contracts management function in an organization is managed in silos with each business unit using their own processes and workflows. This can lead to poorly optimized processes, misused legal resources and increased risk due to lack of visibility. Learn more about how you can turn contracts management into a core competency for your organization.

Are You Ready for the Millennials?

Have you noticed some young gentlemen with big beards running around your office? Or maybe some young ladies with vintage eyewear? That’s because more and more so-called “Millennials” (generally those born between 1980 and 2000) are joining the workforce each day.

New GCs: Put fingers to keys and draft your plan.

If you are a veteran General Counsel starting with a new corporation or a first time General Counsel, it is important to start with a plan. With years of experience helping new General Counsel establish and deliver high performing legal functions, we recommend …

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Morae Legal Launches New E-discovery Service

Legal consulting and solutions provider Morae Legal Corp. announced the launch of a cloud-based e-discovery service bureau, with the aim to bring flexibility to e-discovery deployment and pricing. – Ricci Dipshan, Legaltech News

Morae Legal Announces Innovative and Transformative Cloud-based eDiscovery Solution.

Learn what this new offering can do for you on one of our upcoming webinars.

Today we announced the launch of our eDiscovery service bureau, an innovative and transformative offering providing a range of services across the eDiscovery spectrum. Aligning with our broader information governance approach, the service bureau is public utility cloud-based, which provides an enterprise eDiscovery solution that closely aligns with trending corporate IT strategy and data security posture. This approach is highly scalable (both up and down) and supports cross-border data privacy compliance through rapid geographic deployment. Our fully cloud-based deployment model provides a high degree of flexibility and allows us to offer unique, disruptive service arrangements and associated pricing.

Morae Legal Continues to Deliver on its Mission to Transform the Industry with New Cloud-Based Service Bureau

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Morae Legal Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Morae Legal Corporation is already a year old. Our stated goal when we started was and continues to be to transform the way law departments operate and deliver legal services. Whether through the use of alternative service providers, cloud-based solutions, integrated analytics, workflow automation or technology tools, we believe in creating tangible results that our clients can see and measure.