Our Thoughts On “An Obituary for the Billable Hour”

A few weeks ago, we stumbled on an interesting article by Ignition Consulting Group’s Tim Williams, “An Obituary for the Billable Hour.” Mr. Williams was writing about professional services in general as, of course, the billable hour is alive and kicking in the legal space.

Not sure how to ignite business performance? The updated MoraeLegal.com can help.

If you visited MoraeLegal.com today, you may have noticed that we have made a substantial update. Some changes are minor and some are cosmetic, but most are designed to better highlight the ways we can help you.

What is E-Discovery Costing Your Organization? Join Us on December 1st to Find Out

We are thrilled to sponsor Exterro’s Second Annual E-Discovery Day and join the thousands of e-discovery and legal professionals that will participate in the full-day of educational webcasts and in-person networking events, including our very own Ross Dubinsky.

Using Analytics for Information Management and Governance

As technology-assisted review continues its slow journey to becoming a widely accepted approach for finding relevant information in discovery, progressive businesses are beginning to leverage data analytics tools and methods to address information governance challenges and mandates. Join us over the coming weeks as we analyze how using data analytics can improve business performance and increase productivity while also decreasing exposure to risk by creating consistent retention policies and processes.

Performance Management – What new GCs need to know NOW.

As corporations begin to expect their law departments to operate more like a business, data and performance management is becoming an urgent need for new General Counsel. Learn more in our final installment of the new GC Checklist.

18th Annual Conference of General Counsel