Clients are buying things that law firms don’t sell

In a post on The Law21 Blog, Jordan Furlong focuses on a disparity between the increasing demand for legal services by law departments and the decreasing demand for the same at big law firms. A recent survey shows a 1% rise in legal spend among law departments, while Wells Fargo reports “flat or falling demand at large law firms.”

Check out the first part of an Inside Counsel series focused on engaging and employing Millennials written by our own Devdeep Ghosh and Ally Klein

As Millennials become an ever-increasing population in the workforce, it has become paramount for employers to be proactive in their strategy to attract and retain this growing group of candidates. Law departments and law firms are no exception and must be prepared to handle this unique generation.

Morae Legal announces appointment of Kevin Blodgett to President of Law Department Management Consulting and continues to grow with the addition of George Tziahanas

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Blodgett to the position of President, Law Department Management Consulting and also introduce our newest Managing Director, George Tziahanas, who will be joining the Information and Discovery Management team and will be based in our ever-growing Chicago office.

Morae Legal announces appointment of Kevin Blodgett to President of Law Department Management Consulting and continues to grow with the addition of George Tziahanas

Learn how you can use technology to maximize the value of your law department with a recent article by our own Danish Butt

When it comes to technology it’s all about keeping current and making sure you don’t lag behind. Law departments are no exception. Often challenges can arise that can have nothing to do with the technology itself, but rather getting the buy-in and adoption of the end-users whose day-to-day lives are impacted the most. Change can be hard.  That is why having a well thought out implementation plan should always be at the top of the list when embarking on the path to an effective roll out.

Lagging Is Not an Option: Using Technology to Maximize Law Department Value

Management strategies implemented before, during and after implementation can maximize user adoption and ROI.

By: Danish Butt, Morae Legal

Jeff Seymour interviewed by eDiscovery Information Project at Relativity Fest

Jeff Seymour, our President, Information and Discovery Management was interviewed by the eDiscovery Information Project at Relativity Fest. It’s a short (less than 4 minutes) but fascinating discussion about our partnership with RelativityOne and moving discovery into the enterprise as a core business process in general. Watch the video at eDiscovery Information Project now.


We are pleased to announce the expansion of our compliance expertise with the addition of AegisAdvantage, including two new Managing Directors, Jim Ewing and Heidi Rudolph. The addition of Jim, Heidi and their team further strengthens our mission of providing clients with sustainable, transformative results through full-service, end-to-end compliance solutions focused on strategy, structure, people, process, data and analytics.

Morae Legal Expands its Compliance Solution, Adds Visionary Leadership and Increases its Chicago Presence

Using Analytics for Information Management and Governance

Today we conclude our discussion on the use of analytics for information management and governance. Last time we took a deeper look at the analytic model and saw one example of how companies are using this technology in business to support information governance policies. We now continue with another real world example of putting this approach into practice and look at the long-term implications this transition can have.