Morae Global Executives to Speak at Legal Industry Events in September

Morae Global today announced that several of its senior executives will appear at key legal industry events throughout the month of September, offering insights about technology, compliance and the oil and gas segment:

Kevin Blodgett to Speak on Total Cost of ELM Ownership

Kevin Blodgett, President, Law Department Management Consulting, Morae Global, will present at WK ELM 17 in Orlando on Sept. 12-14 on the topic of “Managing the Total Cost of ELM Ownership.” Blodgett will share concrete steps to help reduce the total cost of ELM ownership while increasing its value to the business. Specific discussion points will include strategies for reducing pain points, addressing future needs and increasing user satisfaction.

Heidi Rudolph to Address Compliance and Agile Service Delivery

Heidi Rudolph, Managing Director of Morae Global, will take part in a panel at Miratech Interact in Scottsdale, Arizona, on September 18-21 entitled, “Compliance Mystery:  Where Are the Legal Ops Pros?” The panel will explore compliance basics, important definitions, tools, resources, and what it means to have a compliant culture. It will also address issues including: bringing a new perspective to compliance; ideas as to how the Legal Ops professionals can add value to their company’s risk identification, reputation and bottom line; and how to be a compliance hero.

Rudolph will also be speaking at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law’s Corporate Counsel Institute on September 28-29, where she will participating in a session entitled, “Agile Service Delivery:  How to Enable Legal to Operate at the Speed of Business.” The session will take a practical look at real world examples of in-house law departments that have adapted to the changing needs of their businesses.

Jim Ewing to Speak to Oil & Gas Industry

Jim Ewing, Managing Director, Morae Global, will participate in a panel on Sept. 26 at the Oil & Gas Compliance Exchange in Houston entitled, “Compliance Blind Spots & Internal Controls: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You.”  This panel will offer diverse perspectives on the SEC, internal audit and compliance functions as the panelists address proactive steps to on the right side of compliance issues.

In addition, representatives from Morae will attend the following conferences during the month:

  • Buying Legal Council, taking place on September 6 in New York City.
  • Exterro Infusion, September 11-13 in Portland.

“In this time of transition in the legal industry, there’s an increased need for informed discussion,” said Shahzad Bashir, President and CEO of Morae Global. “I’m honored that Morae’s executives will taking part in these discussions across the country this month which address some of the industry’s top concerns.”