Morae Global presented at the inaugural Association of Corporate Counsel Xchange conference at the Hilton in Minneapolis. The reimagined event combined ACC’s Mid-Year Meeting and Legal Operations Conference into a single event delivering networking and peer-based learning opportunities for in-house counsel and legal operations professionals.

Attorney and Morae Global Managing Director Christopher Cahn spoke at the event and addressed the topic “Managing Contracts like a HERO.” Morae Global Managing Directors Bret Baccus and Marcia Goldenberg and Morae Director John Mielitz were also in attendance.

“Combining these two events allowed for an intimate and congenial environment of networking, knowledge-sharing and meaningful conversations focused on the transformational challenges faced by most of today’s corporate law departments,” says Mielitz.

Leadership skills for legal operations professionals took center stage in the opening keynote address from Cara Hale Alter, Founder and President of SpeechSkills. The interactive address focused on projecting credibility and confidence using proper posture, body language, gestures, vocal skills, eye contact and other techniques.

With the continued growth of the legal operations function, the majority of the sessions during the three-day event either focused on taking a deeper dive into the legal technologies revolutionizing how legal services are delivered or how best to deal with change management within organizations.

Cahn’s session covered many of the techniques that can be leveraged to mitigate risk, improve productivity, reduce legal spend and shorten contract cycle times. Launched at the 2018 ACC Annual Meeting, Morae Global’s HERO contract negotiation toolkit upgrades traditional methods to a data analytics and process-driven approach to the development and adoption of contract templates and negotiation playbooks by harmonizing contract term language, equalizing templates with market norms, rationalizing template variations and optimizing process and automation of manual tasks.

“By combining empirical data, contracting expertise and industry and legal experience, HERO helps companies remove the unintended variability from contracting,” says Cahn, who as a senior executive brings more than 18 years of experience delivering client and end user-focused solutions that encompass the entire data and contracting life cycle.

One standout session was “Aligning Legal Process for Success,” which explored techniques and strategies for leveraging legal operations management software to allow legal departments to harmonize their functions with company standard operating procedures and goals. The expert panel included legal ops all-stars, including LyondellBasell Director of Legal Operations Ryan Murphy—who has since joined Morae Global as a Managing Director.

“With the continued growth of the legal operations function, ACC’s decision to combine the conference with their Mid-Year Meeting allowed for a well-attended event,” adds Mielitz. “It presented new opportunities for legal ops professionals from a wide array of top-tier corporations, leading technology companies and innovative consultancies to come together to network, socialize and learn from each other’s skills and expertise.”

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