Like law firms, colleges and universities have a lot of documents.  Transcripts, student records, financial aid forms, contracts, admissions forms, student life information, alumni information, and athletic documents are just a few of the types of documents filling filing cabinets or sitting on campus computer systems.  These documents are integral components of many campus processes, both in academic and administrative offices.

Many of these documents are actively used to supplement the information found in university-wide or departmental database systems, or may be part of a workflow or used for litigation support.  Inefficiently managed physical and electronic documents can result in wasted time and effort, department confusion, and poor information quality for decision making.

Enterprise Content Management systems, including document and records management, have evolved over the last five years by adding sophisticated email management tools, integrated workflow, integrated document imaging with OCR, and advanced retrieval technologies.  There is also continued momentum for ECM services to be offered as a secured cloud service by leading vendors, moving the investment from a heavily encumbered capital expense to a much more palatable monthly operating expense.  As a result, we are starting to see colleges and universities taking a new look at document and records management, and as we’ve done with countless law firms and corporate legal departments, we are able to assist these institutions of higher learning by applying our in-depth knowledge of document and records management to enable them to deliver a higher quality of service to their constituents.