Attorneys have been trained to reject risk.  Many spend their lives advising how to avoid mistakes, or counseling clients who have already made them.

However, what is the impact of being risk averse to technology innovation?  Firms that do not embrace digital transformation will be squeezed on profitability, growth and future opportunity.  This could present risks even bigger than current security threats.

In fact, there is a strong correlation between a company’s digital attitude and economic success.  Organizations seeking more efficient ways to get things done are financially rewarded.

As a result, 35 of the AmLaw 200 now have a Chief Innovation Officer.  A positive sign for an industry that has long had a gap of business analysts looking at how professionals can be empowered by technology to become more productive.  iManage, which according to the Legal IT Insider has around 70% of the AmLaw 200, has released a number of solutions to fuel technology innovation.  Yet surprisingly, many customers only scratch the surface of the software’s potential.  While iManage does everything possible to keep customers well informed, I still come across those who seem unclear about the path forward.

Therefore, below are the answers to some basic questions that might be holding back your iManage innovation:

Q:  Can I go to the web based Work 10 interface without going to the iManage Cloud?

A:  Yes, the interface is also available to on-prem customers by implementing the iManage Preview Server and upgrading to Work 10.

Q:  Is an upgrade from back-end version 8.5 always required before moving to the iManage Cloud?

A:  No, provided there isn’t unicode in the database, there are situations where a customer could go directly from 8.5 to the iManage Cloud.

Q:  Can we upgrade the back-end to version 10 while remaining on an older front-end version?

A:  Yes, iManage has backwards compatibility.

Q:  Do I need to abandon the traditional FileSite and DeskSite clients if introducing the Work 10 interface?

A:  No, there are configurations which allow the classic iManage clients to co-exist.

Q:  Are Security Policy and Threat Manager only available if going to the iManage Cloud?

A:  No, these are made available to on-prem customers.

Q:  Do Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager require iManage front-end version 10?

A:  No, provided the iManage back-end Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager requirements are met.

Q:  Is RAVN only available in the iManage Cloud?

A:  No, RAVN will also be available to on-prem iManage customers.

Q:  Is there currently an iManage software cost for converting from IDOL to RAVN for indexing?

A:  No, replacing IDOL with RAVN to handle “like for like” indexing is currently without an additional iManage software cost.

Q:  Will RAVN be more resource instensive than IDOL to handle “like for like” indexing?

A:  No, RAVN requires approximately 35% less resource than IDOL to handle “like for like” indexing.

Please contact us to discuss any of these answers in more detail, or present additional questions standing in the way of your iManage innovation!