This year, ConnectLive left the in-person conference floor and entered living rooms, kitchen tables, and in-home offices around the world with a fresh outlook on the virtual workspace. Web-hosted events have become the new normal in today’s current environment. The virtual take on conferences and client meetings seems to have brought the future of business right here to our keyboards and computer screens. I had the pleasure of attending ConnectLive Virtual 2020 as a certified partner with Morae. It was an exciting opportunity to peer behind the curtain and see the necessary changes companies are now facing.

Throughout my many conversations with attendees, it seems everyone is in search of state-of-the-art ways to keep their company running smoothly. This is the time where companies need to choose the right software, which is a key component to maintaining productivity and efficiency. Moving current document management systems over to the Cloud allows teams to get back to work successfully. The iManage Cloud allows end-users to have access to their documents anywhere without having to remote in. To be successful in today’s environment, it is necessary to implement a top of the line document management system or upgrade their current iManage systems to the iManage Cloud.

Worldwide, iManage delivers productivity and security to law firms and corporations, many of which were in attendance as the event was global and free for anyone to attend. iManage provides a secure, integrated platform that includes document management, email management, secure sharing and collaboration, analytics, and governance. With iManage Work 10, Cloud customers get a modern mobile-first platform that is built for the professional user. By implementing the iManage Cloud, your company will realize the following benefits:

Improve productivity: Suggested email filing keeps you ahead of inbox overload.

Make better decisions: Document timelines, dashboards, and analytics cut through clutter enabling faster,

better decisions.

Find everything: Searching across all work products (documents, emails, images) is automatically tuned to your work style.

Be more responsive: Secure mobile access means you can view and edit your work from anywhere.

Work smarter: Seamless integration with the applications you are already using like Office 365, Adobe, Gmail, Outlook, and others, save professionals time.

Increase adoption: User designed workflows, navigation, and contextual help allow fast onboarding of new users.

Enhanced security: Organization policies govern audited document access and sharing with delegated authorization.

With 22 years of experience, Morae focuses solely on iManage implementations. We are the leading expert in moving to the Cloud. Our engineers and consultants are trained and certified on the iManage solution set. We have an unmatched understanding of the business and technology required in the legal and professional services industries. We provide a unique set of skills and methodologies to complete projects on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption to firm operations.

Ensure your company’s future by joining the award-winning Morae family. Take your company to the next level by utilizing the iManage Cloud today!