Before moving to a new home, there are many things that must be prepared and organized to make the move as efficient as possible. The same can be said for data migrations to the Cloud. Just as you would pack up your belongings in an efficient manner so that they can be easily placed in their new location, you will need to analyze your current environment to determine how it will be organized in the Cloud.

Below I have outlined the most important things to consider when preparing your move to the Cloud.

Where is your data?

Do you know where and how all your data is stored?  Is everything organized in a DMS, or spread out over network drives and fileshares? Knowing where your data is  currently located  will be essential for the engineers who perform the migration and will help improve accuracy of the proposal and project plan.


Does your data have metadata attached? What is important to retain in the move?  In the cloud, documents will have metadata assigned to help keep them organized and searchable.  What kind of metadata would you like to have available to apply, or be automatically applied to your documents?


How is your security set up?  Is there an administrator account that has universal access to all data?  When data is migrated, whomever is performing the migration will need full access to everything being moved.


Is a redesign needed? Are you matter-centric? This is good opportunity to re-organize and ensure your design is set up in a way that is most effective for your firm.

3rd party integrations

What applications are used in your environment, and do they integrate with the cloud solution you’ve chosen?  Are any upgrades needed?  Often software will need to be upgraded to the latest version before it will integrate successfully.

System Requirements

Is your environment itself in need of an upgrade?  Software is dynamic, it is important to stay up to date with the latest version to have a smooth experience.  If you are running an older OS, consider an update before beginning a migration to the cloud.

If you have answers to these questions and know your environment well, you will save yourself significant time and money when making the move to the cloud.   When clients come to us prepared, projects are much more predictable and efficient.  If you know you are not prepared, consultants can help guide you for an efficient and successful migration.  Do yourself and your budget a favor and get to know your data!

If you’d like to consider a move to the Cloud, but don’t know where to start, our expert team is available to help.