Summer is here and for many of us this means time away from the office. The reality is that as much as we would like to “unplug” during these times, client and office demands prevent us from having this luxury. We still need to communicate with colleagues and clients and have access to pertinent documents and emails while we are away. Unfortunately, our workload doesn’t diminish because we are away!

Speaking of mobility, according to a Forbes article published earlier this year, the BYOD market is likely to hit almost $367 billion by 2022, up from just $30 billion in 2014.  Also noted was the fact that using portable devices for work tasks saves employees 58 minutes per day while increasing productivity by 34%.

iManage Work 10 provides a couple options for mobile access allowing users to safely and securely access documents and emails while out of the office.

iManage Work Mobility for IOS is a native iOS app for iPhone and iPad that enables professionals to view filed documents and emails, file newly received emails, respond to emails and even edit documents in MS Word.  This app can also be managed via an integrated MDM (mobile device management) technology.

iManage Work Mobility Module is a mobile browser-based application that enables Android, Windows, Blackberry and other mobile users to browse, search, preview and email content or links to their internal or external collaborators.

Improve your productivity and increase client responsiveness by having your “office” at your fingertips regardless of where you are. Reduce the risk of YOU causing the bottleneck in the collaborative process because you aren’t in the office.

The average worker uses 3.2 devices on a regular basis.  Whether you are in the office, commuting, working from home or wherever, iManage will allow you to work seamlessly across multiple devices (computers, smartphones, tablets) so that you won’t miss a beat!