I had the privilege of attending iManage’s annual sales kickoff in Chicago the end of January.

Having also attended last year, it was easy to see the company’s overall growth. Globally, their employee count is up almost 30%, bringing them around 670 people strong. This is remarkable, given they had just over 150 employees immediately following the divestiture from HP five years ago.

Fueling the growth is their increased client acquisition. In calendar year 2019, iManage welcomed well over 100 new corporations and about 140 new mid-market law firms. Pretty impressive given how much of the AmLaw 200 already relies on iManage, and certainly reason to bolster internal teams.

To maintain their overwhelming market leadership, iManage remains forward thinking about ways to continue transforming client processes. RAVN, the UK based artificial intelligence company acquired by iManage in May of 2017, continued to be at the center of these presentations. iManage clients want to fully unlock the knowledge within their systems, and fully enable contract intelligence. Case studies were presented of iManage clients leveraging RAVN to solve their own specific use cases, in ways not previously possible. This included the automation of routine tasks, extracting data from documents, identifying internal experts, and more accurately managing informational risks. Overall, it was clear iManage remains committed to injecting intelligence into their platform.

Speaking of the iManage platform, this was a point of emphasis throughout the conference. Being able to deliver core work product management (Work), knowledge management (Insight), artificial intelligence (RAVN), records (IRM) and conflicts/security (SPM) through a single cloud is a competitive advantage vs:

  • Investing time and money to certify, manage and integrate multiple clouds for each solution
  • Speed and performance variations from one cloud to the next
  • Cost and difficulties shipping, storing, moving and performing actions on content across clouds

Having worked many years for a company solving integration challenges, this concept resonated. More clouds might lead to more complexity, and so iManage continues consolidating industry solutions into a single cloud platform.

Most important of all, iManage highlighted their continued commitment to security at the conference. Perimeter security is not enough, and historical ways of protecting data have become an increasingly unacceptable risk. Queue iManage Threat Manager and Security Policy Manager. The former makes use of complex analytics to detect internal and external threats, while the latter can apply “need to know” security and ethical walls that scale across iManage Work, file shares and other systems. Law firms of all sizes have corporate clients with these security requirements, making these mandatory solutions another key iManage differentiator.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into this year’s iManage Sales Kickoff. Enjoy the journey!