A migration is no simple task! It is common to run into unexpected issues along the way. By building a diverse and knowledgeable project team, you set your project up for efficiency and the smoothest possible resolution to the expected surprises as they arise.

Our recommendation is that our customer’s project team includes the following roles:

  1. Management:  Management should be involved early on and have a clear understanding of project goals, status, and risks. This will help mitigate the risk of show stopping surprises and ensure all are on the same page.
    1. Project Sponsor:  Decision maker. Does not deal with day to day tasks, but approves requests made by the Project Manager.  Operates a level above the PM.
  2. Project Manager: You’ll need someone to work with our PM and keep the project on track.
  3. IT Team: These roles may be fulfilled by a single IT person or may be different individuals.
    1. Legacy System Expert: Person(s) responsible for front and back end existing DMS or file share.
    2. Front End iManage Administrator: Person responsible for the first level of user support, knowledgeable on the UI and client-side settings.
    3. Back End iManage Administrator: Person responsible for the setup, installation, and configuration of iManage servers.  Provides support on escalated issues.
    4. Security and Network Engineer: Person who is knowledgeable on network authentication, connections, and/or firewalls in the environment.
  4. Stakeholders (Subject Matter Experts) It is essential to have SMEs involved in the Workspace Design process. These persons should be tech savvy and familiar with their team structure and workflow as it currently exists.
    1. Practice Group Leads: Persons from each Practice Area who can represent their group.
    2. Administrative Department Leads: Administrative Groups operate differently than practice area groups and should have representation on the project team as well.
  5. Trainer: You will need someone to provide training and floor support to end users during and after rollout.

Making sure all of these roles are represented will set you and your project up for SUCCESS!

At Morae, we have successfully migrated millions of documents for law firms and corporate legal departments and from a variety of systems to the iManage Cloud. Our experience tells us that the largest potential for risk revolves around workspace design planning and data migration. ASI’s project team approach and project methodology reduces risk, controls cost and delivers optimal outcomes.