Diversify, diversify, diversify!  That’s what most financial planners will recommend when managing your financial assets.  Why would you do anything different when it comes to managing your firm’s technology portfolio?  The appetite for adoption of the cloud continues to grow, and more and more large firms, boutique practices and corporate legal departments are realizing the benefits of industry leading cloud solutions.

Who is moving to the cloud?

Over the past two years Morae has assisted over 50 legal clients with migrations to cloud platforms.  Some of these include only email to Microsoft Office 365.  Others utilize the power of Microsoft Azure, an elastic cloud which permits customers to pay only for their active computing needs which include processor, memory, storage, and  ingress and egress of data.  And hundreds of customers, including law firms and corporate legal departments have entrusted their most significant data, their document management systems to iManage.

What does the perfect hybrid design look like?

The real value proposition is when a firm makes the decision to marry these cloud systems together and leverage the cloud as a single and seamless infrastructure.  From a technology standpoint we’ve reached the point where Active Directory and Single Sign-On can span multiple cloud platforms and remove the headaches of purchasing, supporting and maintaining applications and hardware infrastructure.

In the perfect hybrid design a firm would:

  • Position DM in the iManage cloud
  • Host email with Office 365
  • Outsource time and billing and e-discovery with industry leading cloud providers
  • Position what’s left in Microsoft Azure

The return on investment is much more than best-of-breed technology; they inherit built-in security and compliance, disaster recovery and high-availability, and reduce the cost of on-going support, upgrades and monthly managed service fees.  So empty out those server racks and save some money on electricity.  What’s usually left behind is a single onsite server which functions as a local domain controller and print server, thereby speeding up network login times and containing print traffic to the Local Area Network.

Is it time to make the change?

As a legal technologist or business manager, what’s stopping you from jumping into the cloud? When you ask attorneys they will say that our client’s will not permit us to store their data in the cloud.  Well, guess what, most of your corporate clients are already in the cloud.  So ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your server hardware getting old?
  • Are you do for a major upgrade to a business critical application?
  • Is the firm tired of yo-yo technology spending and ready to transition IT into an operational expenses?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then now is the perfect time to start to design and implement your next generation hybrid cloud solution.