In 2010, I had my first experience working with iManage. I was working for a large Am Law 200 firm that was going through a large multi-office database consolidation and matter centric roll out. Since then, I have continued working with iManage with my most recent experience focusing on new implementations and upgrades. The most recent release of Work 10 includes some great enhancements. Here, I’d like to share a few of my favorite iManage Work 10 features and how you can use them to work more efficiently.

Filing to Multiple Email Folders

I am always a fan of enhancements that are time savers. Now, when sending emails, you have the option to file the email to more than one folder in a single instance. No more taking a second step to manually file emails to an alternate folder.

File to multiple locations

Email Conversation View

For those who love Outlook conversation view, this is the enhancement for you. Email threads are now grouped together and can be expanded to see the full conversation.

Email & correspondence

Folder Indicator that Shows if a Folder is Empty

Gone are the days of browsing through empty workspace folders. Folders in a workspace that have content are displayed as a yellow folder, whereas empty folders appear white.

Folder indicator

Restoring a Previous Edit of a Document

If Journaling is enabled on your iManage Work Server, you can select a revision from a previous edit within the document history and export it as a new document or version. This feature gives you the ability to restore a point and time edit and provides piece of mind when working on long complex documents.

Restoring a Previous Edit of a Document

As Work 10 continues to evolve, I am looking forward to seeing what other enhancements are introduced.