Given the constantly evolving threats, document management system (DMS) security is an increased priority.  While many organizations are migrating to a cloud based DMS to address concerns, others fear giving up control and having an outside entity house their data.  However, where both camps come together is agreeing a DMS security breach would be catastrophic, and must be prevented.

Converting to Cloud

I used to hear organizations indicate their document management system can’t be moved to the cloud for security reasons.  Whereas now, security is one of the leading drivers behind organizations rapidly moving their document management systems to the cloud.  With less time, money and resources, it’s very difficult to replicate the level of security being provided by the industry’s leading cloud document management systems.  Therefore, strong consideration should be given to increasing security by moving to a cloud document management system.  While it used to be argued that external clouds would be more targeted than internal networks, it’s now clear both can expect frequent attacks, and the most secure DMS location will afford the best protection.

On-prem Measures

Despite widespread cloud adoption, some organizations do not want security out of their direct control, and instead opt to keep their DMS on-prem. Should your organization fall under this category, there’s still a number of steps that can be taken to increase on-prem DMS security.  Examples include dual factor authentication, file store encryption, implementing a “need to know” security model, and investing in additional DMS monitoring / threat detecting software.

Whether cloud or on-prem, a concerted effort should be made to safeguard the invaluable informational assets being stored in your organization’s DMS.  This includes fully assessing vulnerabilities, evaluating additional measures and creating a strategy to make your DMS as secure as possible.  Staying ahead of security threats requires constant commitment, and not occasional thought.