Does it take more time to find a document in your DMS than it does to draft that document?  Is email missing from your electronic matter file?  Does it feel like you are filling out a government office form every time you need to save a document?

Recent advances in DMS technology have helped to foster user adoption and satisfaction with Document Management.  Does your firm or company have:

  • Standard, simple folder structures that mirror the traditional paper file?
  • Email filing tools that recommend where an email belongs?
  • The ability to link Outlook folders so that filing email to Outlook also files to your DMS?
  • Multiple ways to search – from simple single bar searches to complex metadata searches?
  • Your pulse on advances in Artificial Intelligence in the DM space?

If not, it may be time to either upgrade your current DMS or look at a new DMS.  With increased competition in the marketplace, huge advancements in technology, and the consumerization of technology, your DMS can be as easy to use as Amazon.

Having a user friendly DMS is only the first step.  Both law firms and corporate legal departments now recognize the importance of business and process analysis.  The most common reason that we see for poor DMS adoption is that it does not mesh with the legal team’s workflow.  Gone are the days when we can expect users to adjust the way they work to fit technology.  The only way to assure adoption is to have technology that makes current process more efficient and allows users to see the advantages gained.  Having a member of a project team that can understand both the legal work that is being done and the technology is essential.  Good technologies will be able to adapt to the user’s workflow, but not if that workflow is not understood.  In our consulting practice we are seeing less of a focus on the technical implementation and more on the client design, the product configurations, the user buy-in, and user training and support.

If you find that you are still working for your DMS, reach out to Adaptive Solutions where our teams of technical and business professionals can help make your DMS an indispensable tool for your legal teams.