For years, clients have been asking, “do you have an out-of-the-box implementation” for new iManage Cloud deployments? Given the configurable nature of iManage, we’ve always had to answer no – until now. Developed for new Cloud installations, and focused on corporate legal departments and smaller law firms that do not require a custom design, please allow me to introduce Morae’s MVP, the proven path to the iManage Cloud. MVP, which is short for Most Valuable Product, was created to streamline Cloud implementations and is focused on new customer engagements.

Given our 20+ years of designing and deploying iManage, Morae has created an implementation methodology that can be thought of like the greatest hits album. While many of the technical aspects of an MVP project remain unchanged, tasks such as workspace design, metadata classification, security settings, and software client configurations are chosen and from our best practices library. The result is less business disruption, shorter project timelines, and reduced budgets. When working with our MVP team, many of the long-winded and traditional consulting sessions are replaced with guided selection processes and pre-recorded product demonstrations. For example, when selecting workspace templates, MVP customers are presented with a menu where they can select up to six designs that best match their business requirements. Need a litigation template, we’ve got that. Doing corporate secretary work, no problem, we have those too. By presenting the business with samples of what legal professionals have designed and selected, time and time again, we remove the guesswork and improve project efficiency.

While MVP was created to quickly onboard new installations with the core iManage document and email management functions, our plan does allow for optional add-ons. The most common include additional workspace templates, deployment of iManage Drive and Threat Manager, and the import of documents from shared network drives. For the flat fee of $4,900.00, our MVP team will export/import up to 1TB of shared drive data directly to the iManage Cloud. In conclusion, if you’re a corporate legal department or a small law firm, and are not looking to customize a tailor-fit solution, please contact our team for information regarding MVP.