Phoenix Business Solutions, which was acquired by Morae in May 2019, has provided IT consultancy, data, information and document management solutions to legal, financial and corporate organizations for over 16 years. I became Chief Executive Officer of the company in February 2018, having spent over 14 years as Global Operations Director. But it was in June 2018, that our annual executive retreat sparked a discussion that would, unbeknown to us, change our story forever. In the months since, we have all spent time researching and testing; talking to our clients and other industry leaders to ensure what was to come matched the needs within the market.

I’ve read enough management books to know that it’s often the case that when the senior management within an organization get together, creative sparks will fly and new strategies will soon be underway. After all, it is these key figures that not only know the organization itself the best, but the market, its products and its customers. These are the knowledgeable people that have an eye for what the future might hold. And this was certainly the case at our executive retreat in June last year.

However, what is unique about this story is that it wasn’t just key members of our team sharing their ideas, but it was their process of reacting to what our clients, both existing and prospective, had told us they need. This need was simple: these organizations wanted an all-encompassing solution that would enable them to Be EfficientBe Safe and Be Smart, with expert support provided at every step of the way – and they knew they were not alone. I knew this is where our solutions would help.

We have always worked with our clients to make their processes and systems more efficient; emphasizing the need to maximize outcomes and streamline the data management process. Yet, the introduction of new technology within the industry, coupled with an increasingly sophisticated hacker persona and regulatory and legislation changes such as GDPR, has led to organizations recognizing the need to not only Be Efficient, but to Be Safe. With more data and documents than ever before, and with varying stakeholders needing access to these documents at any given time, I have found that there is now a heightened awareness of the importance of protecting and maintaining sensitive and confidential legal documentation.

But, new technology brings not only additional threats, but more positively, additional opportunities. These new opportunities come not only in the form of more technology such as automation through Artificial Intelligence, but in the ability to Be Smart; building upon the foundations already in place and using technology to truly deliver operational efficiency, gaining the ability to not only have better insight but to deliver better advice to clients. To truly Be Smart, an organization must intelligently leverage and apply data, delivering insight and improving productivity.

And so, our three pillars were born: Be EfficientBe Safe and Be Smart. They are the main priorities not only for our customers, but for the whole market, so we’re keen to show how our solutions really do work collaboratively to enable organizations to Be EfficientBe Safe and Be Smart.