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Legal automation and digitization initiatives have historically struggled to gain funding, executive buy-in, and even support from within their own teams. But this has begun to change.

With the rise in remote working and associated challenges stemming from the pandemic, legal organizations have increasingly prioritized change initiatives that can help their teams to function more fluidly, whether working remotely or in the office, and even improve on how legal work gets done.

Would-be innovators can use this trend to their advantage, especially if you understand the right data and analytics needed to gain buy-in and ensure your idea will resonate with stakeholders.

Whether it’s your first implementation of AI, or simply time to replace your existing CLM with something better, if you know how to package and present an idea in the right way, you can win the buy-in and budget you need to move forward.

In a Law.com Podcast we discussed how to right size automation projects in phases and where to start; how to ensure legal digitization projects can achieve an enterprise-class impact and benefits; and the importance of partnering with cross-functional teams

You can listen in on our discussion in this in 18-minute Perspectives Podcast from Law.com.

You can also read about the outcomes of this amazing change initiative we did with Genesys in a newly published case study, available here.

I would be delighted to speak with anyone considering how a new program or initiative could transform the way your team does legal work. I invite you to message me privately or leave a comment via my post on LinkedIn