Law firms continue to increase spending on new technologies year after year.  An often-overlooked key component is training.  In order to maximize user adoption which ultimately impacts productivity employees need proper training.  

 What about new employees who come on board or additional modules that are purchased after the initial implementation? It is imperative to have a training program in place to accommodate these scenarios.  

Training isn’t cheap! There is the cost of the training and the billable time that is lost while people attend the training.  However, the cost to the firm by not having employees skilled enough to work efficiently with new technologies can be more costly. Not to mention the frustrations that can arise when you have a deadline and can’t figure out how to do it in the “new system”. Frustrations can lead to turnover and losing employees is costly.  

 Keys to successful training:  

  • Clear, concise content
  • Relevant to the end user 
  • Short sessions 
  • Hands on when applicable
  • Provide quick reference guide for later

 Providing not only initial training, but on-going training, is a valuable benefit to your staff. This ensures folks know how to use the tools properly, as well as, providing the employee with additional skills which ultimately leads to better morale and improved employee retention.