What is Information Governance (IG)?

An organization’s information is an asset and as such requires management to ensure its accountability, protection, and integrity. Information governance is an organization’s plan of policies and procedures for managing its information.

An IG program will vary from organization to organization, but should start by establishing a formal framework around policies, procedures, working with third parties, auditing, and review.

An organization’s policies should reflect its overall IG program. Policies are developed around information security, records management, information sharing (whether internal or with third parties), and archiving and disposition.

Information procedures outline how the organization and its employees should interact with information. An organization may have procedures for legal and regulatory compliance, creating and receiving information, collaboration and sharing information, storing and archiving information, disposing of information, and reporting.

The IG program is a continuously evolving process that must have monitoring procedures in place for evaluation and review. Some areas to consider monitoring are information access and its use, the effectiveness of legal and regulatory compliance, and the effectiveness of information security policies and procedures.

Why is Information Governance Important?

Having a formal information governance structure will help to ensure your data is readily available, accurate, and secure. Information is an organizational asset that can require substantial investment in order to create, maintain, store, secure, and share. Information governance is the best way for organizations to verify that information is reliable and can be trusted to meet its needs. Ignoring information governance can lead to information loss, security breaches, incorrect information distribution, and regulatory penalties.

At ASI, we can evaluate your current operations, recommend the appropriate technologies, and guide you through implementing or improving your information governance solutions.