Banking Regs Take Center Stage in Democratic Debate


During last week’s Democratic presidential debate, candidates squared off on the issue of banking regulations. Senator Bernie Sanders (D – VT) and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley took aim at presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, accusing her of having close ties to Wall Street interests.  Sanders specifically pointed to Clinton’s opposition to reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act and history of Wall Street donors.  O’Malley described Clinton’s recent policy proposal for financial reform as “weak tea.”

In response to criticisms, Clinton said, “Reinstating Glass-Steagall is a part of what very well could help, but it is nowhere near enough. I just don’t think it would get the job done, I’m all about making sure it actually gets results for whatever we do.”  Clinton attributed her Wall Street campaign contributions to her tenure as a New York Senator and her work to help rebuild New York City following the September 11, 2001, attacks.



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