Series Topic: This series will take a practical look at the Corporate Law Department’s mission to Protect and Enable, with a focus on the Enable part of the mission. It has become standard practice for law departments to function as a protector of the business, but business demands now require law departments to make progress in becoming a business enabler. To become a business enabler, law departments need the:

  • Right People. How can law departments promote employee engagement? Learn from peer experiences on legal talent strategies, team organizational structures, generalists vs. specialists, insourcing vs. outsourcing, and other resourcing tips.
  • Right Process. How can law departments better align with enterprise objectives? Access best practices on how some departments map their annual planning process to enterprise objectives; also, access trends on how some departments are using the contract management process to advance collaboration with their internal business partners.
  • Right Systems. How are law departments leveraging technology to enable the right processes and service levels? Explore tips on approaching legal technology decisions, business case evaluations, and change management.
    • …And a Business Partner-Approved Scorecard. How should law departments track and report on their success in enabling good business performance? Evaluate different ideas on performance dashboard metrics: leading vs. lagging indicators for the business, financial impact calculations, productivity KPIs like # of transactions completed and matters closed, and more.


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