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Building a Campaign to Support Long-Term Cultural Change

Helping a law department proactively manage and message change


Financial Services


Change Management


A Fortune 25 financial institution was implementing an enterprise-wide transformation effort, including significant initiatives within the law department, and was in need of expert assistance developing a campaign to effectively “message the change.”


Our professionals:

  • Identified key stakeholder groups, including those within the law department, business partners and subject matter experts, critical to implementing the transformative initiatives.
  • Conducted a stakeholder assessment to understand their relative position on the change curve and maintained a matrix of stakeholder groups and change inventory along with a timeline to approach change proactively.
  • Identified issues and challenges associated with each change and collaborated with subject matter experts to create a custom messaging campaign for each.
  • Developed a comprehensive communication plan to drive the transformation and ensure all stakeholders understood what was in it for them.


By taking a holistic approach to change management and communication, the law department was able to align with transformation teams and proactively manage and message change. The result was a long-term cultural shift with minimized resistance and maximized buy-in.

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