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Case Study  ·  On-Demand Resourcing

Building a Flexible Office of General Counsel

Providing predictable costs for strategic legal work




General Counsel, Legal Professionals


A global chemical company needed strategic support to assist it in managing its legal service providers in the various jurisdictions and businesses in which it engaged.


  • Provided a senior Morae attorney effectively to serve as the general counsel under a fixed fee arrangement.
  • Provided a team of other legal professionals with skill sets useful in carrying out the legal services required. This variable resource group acted as a virtual office of the general counsel and provided a range of services that could be handled more efficiently and cost-effectively in-house.
  • Created a structure to execute legal issues in alignment with the company’s business.
  • Implemented a strategy and process to qualify outside firms before engagement and manage their performance for the company.


The company benefited from continuity of service and the strategic legal thinking aligned with the business. Our team focused on improving processes with an eye toward reducing the amount of legal work required, increasing efficiency through knowledge management and lowering costs. With a fixed fee arrangement for general counsel services set at far less than a full-time employee with a similar skill level and alternative fee arrangements for special projects, the company enjoyed predictability where appropriate and great flexibility in how it used the broader resources available.

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