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Case Study  ·  On-Demand Resourcing

Building a Process and Scaling for Episodic Transactions

Providing consistent staffing for periodic work


On-Demand Resourcing



reduction in transaction costs


A global Fortune 100 company has an ongoing acquisition strategy that results in periodic transactions that require outside resources. Because of the episodic nature of the transactions and the variance in size, the cost of going to the traditional outside counsel firms had been a drain on legal budgets and corporate resources.


Our professionals:

  • Developed institutional processes for preparation of deal templates, schedules and ancillary documents while coordinating timelines and closing checklists.
  • Built a deal team that created and maintained the data rooms and managed all steps in the process.
  • Scaled the deal team according to deal requirements at any given time.


By providing consistency in staffing these projects, increasing efficiency and using lower-cost resources, the company was able to reduce transaction costs by more than 40 percent. The company gained greater flexibility and control, and transactions were executed quickly and effectively.

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