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Case Study  ·  On-Demand Resourcing

Creating an Instant Deal Team with an In-House Perspective

Effectively administering a large transaction from an in-house perspective

cost savings


A Fortune 100 company was in the midst of a multibillion-dollar refinancing on a tight timeline, but it lacked the internal human resources or experience to complete the transaction.


Our professionals:

  • Placed a team of attorneys to assist in setting up the data room, reviewing the relevant documents and gathering internal documentation necessary for collateralization of the refinancing.
  • Coordinated with outside counsel to complete the review and comment on documentation from the company’s perspective in a timely manner.
  • Updated management on status, issues and deal terms.


The company gained access to a team of legal professionals who understood how to effectively administer a large transaction from an in-house perspective. This allowed the company the flexibility to call on such resources to bolster the in-house capabilities without paying outside counsel rates or staffing up internally for a specific event, and the company achieved cost savings of 30 percent.

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