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This was a new engagement from a document capture perspective but for an established client; one of the largest financial services providers in the world. Initially we devoted a large amount of time to truly understanding the clients’ regulatory concerns and how they manifest with regard to their documentation storage and indexing – before developing a solution.


We deployed Capture.IQ for processing, storage and reporting, minimizing expensive intensive labour. Each rule set had to be carefully considered to maximize data capture and enable robust analysis and reporting – as is often the way we start with a base but what we develop is client bespoke.

We have extensive regulatory remediation experience and leveraged this in developing the technology and also the overall process. We created a structured, secure, searchable Client Data Repository.

We were directly accountable for quality and accuracy and employed a two stage process featuring a strong people expert component as well as technology.


Accuracy level of 99.6%

Ongoing, near real-time processing for new documents (increasing productivity and customer service)

Reporting and analytics element enables greater risk management e.g. quickly establish riskier clausing or geographic and sector exposures

All reference data is then rapidly integrated into downstream banking systems, allowing traders to more efficiently and more effectively analyse and understand their derivatives portfolio

The responsive and transparency facilitated here gives confidence from a Regulator perspective and enables the rapid updating of documentation

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