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Developing Metrics to Illustrate Value

Demonstrating the value a law department delivered to the organization


Energy & Natural Resources


The law department for a national energy company was under pressure to “do more with less” and was under threat of drastic cost and headcount reductions. The team was not equipped to demonstrate the value it delivered to the organization and therefore could not effectively respond to blanket cost reduction mandates.


Our professionals:

  • Determined how the law department’s clients and business partners viewed the quality of its service delivery and identified the key metrics that were most important to the internal clients.
  • Conducted detailed assessments to determine how the legal team viewed its own performance and uncovered the most relevant measurements necessary to improve performance and demonstrate results.
  • Applied this knowledge to help the legal team alter how it prioritized its work. Metrics were defined that would track improvement against these new priorities.
  • Redeployed existing technology to gather and report on quantitative data, supplemented by gathering qualitative “soft” data such as client satisfaction and law firm performance evaluations.
  • Demonstrated to the various stakeholders not only progress against established metrics, but also the team’s willingness to self-assess and advertise results that made the legal department a leader in the organization.


By developing a uniform, data-driven approach to defining appropriate metrics, gathering the necessary information and reporting to critical constituencies, the law department was able to demonstrate value to the organization and be recognized as a leader among support functions in the areas of transparency and continuous improvement.

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