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Extending the Law Department to Bring Episodic Litigation In-House




On-Demand Resourcing



overall cost savings


The law department of an international manufacturer was tasked with reducing its budget by 30 percent. There had already been a concerted and effective effort to reduce the hourly billing rates of the law firms handling its litigation. A new creative strategy was needed to achieve the kind of savings being demanded of the legal department.



  • Mobilized a team of consultants and experienced Morae litigators to analyze data on spending in certain recurring types of litigation.
  • Identified 40 percent of episodic but recurring litigation activities that would be better performed internally and/or by dedicated Morae legal professionals.
  • Implemented a dedicated staffing approach that included in-house and Morae professionals who handled key aspects of discovery and base motion drafting on cases that lent themselves to repetitive approaches and processes.


By leveraging a team that actively handles key aspects of discovery and base motion drafting in cases that lend themselves to repetitive strategies and processes, the company increased its institutional knowledge and reduced the number of hours required to perform these activities. The result was greater flexibility, more scalability to support the ebb and flow of litigation, ever increasing efficiency and overall cost savings of more than 40 percent.

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