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Finding the Right Resources for the Right Work


Media and Telecommunications


Centers of Excellence


A large company with interests ranging from media to online businesses was operating without clear alignment between its available resources and the portfolio of work, with higher-level attorneys often performing lower-level work. This resulted in stress on internal staff, lagging service delivery and excessive use of outside counsel to handle overflow.


Our professionals:

  • Conducted an internal workload assessment through a combination of workshops, interviews and surveys, including interviews and surveys of business leaders to better understand their future needs.
  • Reviewed and analyzed the collected data and compared it to industry benchmarks, paying special attention to similarly situated companies.
  • Provided tailored solutions, including Centers of Excellence to ensure the most appropriate resources were assigned to projects.


The company gained an increase in efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging the Centers of Excellence. Applying the right resources to the right work freed up senior-level attorneys for more strategic needs and business advice.

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