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Keeping Up through a Downturn


Energy & Natural Resources

savings in legal spend


The law department of an energy company was forced to downsize its internal legal team due to the economic downturn and needed a way to keep up with the volume of legal issues despite budget cuts and headcount reduction.



  • Identified the gaps in legal support that would exist for certain types of contract negotiation and support as a result of the downsizing.
  • Developed a plan for providing consistent support for a consistent price.
  • Placed Morae attorneys with industry-specific knowledge and practical experience to handle the drafting and negotiation of master service agreements and real estate matters.


Utilizing our flexible solution, the client realized savings of 40 percent along with the ability to provide scalable (both up and down) legal support, allowing the business to continue to function effectively. Additionally, the experience and industry knowledge of the Morae lawyers resulted in a further refinement of the law department’s approach to contractual issues, positioning it to be better aligned with the overall business strategy.

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