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Case Study  ·  Discovery Services

Utilizing Discovery Technology to Realize Cost Savings

Implementing superior discovery technology with minimal infrastructure setup and ongoing maintenance costs


A corporate client was seeking to transform its discovery management operations by procuring and implementing new end-to-end discovery technology to replace its usage and reliance on discovery service providers. The primary driver behind the transformation was a large, complex, multiparty and multi-issue case anticipated to last several years and require review of multiple TBs of data.



  • Helped the company evaluate a range of electronic discovery technology and deployment options, ultimately selecting a solution that allowed the company to procure a new discovery platform license and seat it in Morae’s cloud environment.
  • Assessed historic collection volumes and ongoing professional service needs to provide the company with a fixed, predictable annual cost for data management and associated services, effectively eliminating consumption-based data processing and hosting fees.
  • Coordinated the complex migration of multiple TBs of previously processed data from the existing discovery service provider’s platform to Morae’s cloud-based environment.
  • Provided day-to-day discovery case management services across the full discovery spectrum, from matter initiation and planning through collection, processing, review, production and matter close.


The company was able to implement superior discovery technology with minimal infrastructure setup and ongoing maintenance costs by seating its license in Morae’s managed-cloud environment. Furthermore, this deployment mode enabled it to quickly and seamlessly transition its data and current matter activity from the existing provider to the new cloud-based environment. The fixed cost pricing model provided the company with significant cost savings and predictability while Morae’s dedicated project managers provided best-in-class professional services and support to usher its matters through all phases of discovery.

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