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Managing an Employee Hotline




Legal Managed Services


A large manufacturing company determined that it should not use its limited internal resources as the first point of call for the company’s employee hotline, but did not want to bear the expense of paying a law firm to do so. The need was for a seasoned and competent lawyer with the experience to evaluate, prioritize and appropriately deal with issues brought to the company through that channel in a professional way.



  • Deployed a team of legal professionals to man the hotline full-time, receive the calls and address them directly or bring the issues to the attention of the appropriate person within the organization.
  • Tracked all issues through to resolution using metrics that provided the real-time information on status, number of open issues, individuals or groups with responsibility and types of matters.
  • Instituted a procedure for working remedial actions in order to reduce the number of incidents and spend over time.


With low fixed-fee pricing and a success fee for driving down incidents over time, the company reduced the cost of communicating effectively with its employee base through its hotline without increasing the risk of mishandled issues. Additionally, implementation of new processes and systems allowed the company to reduce the number and types of issues, thereby further reducing the cost of the entire program over time.

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