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Reducing Cost and Increasing Predictability with a New Litigation Resource Management Model


Construction, Energy & Natural Resources


A large international engineering, procurement and construction company’s litigation docket had expanded in size and cost due to several large-dollar, high-profile international disputes.


  • Working closely with the litigation team, we developed a new case management model to emphasize project management and rely upon newly developed standardized protocols and guidelines for each step of the litigation life cycle.
  • Analyzed how the client sourced and managed its law firms and other support providers and identified areas for improvement.
  • Conducted a detailed spend analysis to uncover the true drivers of litigation spending, highlighting inefficiencies and redundancy.
  • Developed a strategic, systematic approach to unbundling legal work and intelligently sourcing for each phase of litigation.
  • Standardized electronic discovery protocols with the twin goals of defensibility and efficiency.
  • Developed legal project management principles to provide task clarity for law firms, internal resources and third-party providers.
  • Established a law firm engagement and oversight process that relies upon alternative fee arrangements that share the risk and reward.


By transforming the way it approaches litigation and implementing a holistic and scalable matter and resource management model, the law department reduced costs, improved predictability, strengthened partnerships and demonstrated value throughout the organization.

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