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The document management technology for a global manufacturing company’s law department was approaching end-of-life, and upgrading the system would require as much effort as a new implementation. The department decided to replace the aging system with a new one.


Morae Global:

  • Assisted in selecting a new system by developing high-level system requirements, shortlisting two solutions from an original list of 15 candidates and recommending a winning solution for IT, legal and the business.
  • Crafted a migration strategy to ensure that existing legacy matters would be available to users upon go-live.
  • Developed a global design and rollout plan covering 60 countries and 1,000 users.
  • Led a worldwide implementation with a compressed timeline.
  • Jump-started organizational adoption by identifying and involving “support champions” early on and promoted further buy-in through marketing activities such as end-user demos and frequent communications.


By building a “matter-centric” design with an interface to the department’s matter management and other systems, the law department was able to minimize document profiling, improve its ability to find information and facilitate collaboration while simplifying the storing of documents and improving information life cycle management.

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