A large company faced a six-week deadline to review over five million documents pursuant to an HSR Second Request from the Department of Justice. The company and its outside counsel could not scale up to review the documents with existing processes and technology and sought a discovery service provider to help them meet the aggressive deadline.


Our professionals:

  • Ingested and indexed several terabytes of custodial data using leading data processing technology.
  • Systematically and defensibly removed over one million nonrelevant documents by conducting a structured data analysis on communication flows, domains, file types, source paths and client-specific metadata patterns.
  • Streamlined first-pass review workflow by utilizing email threading and conceptual ordering to prioritize the most important custodians’ data first.
  • Increased review speed and accuracy by combining predictive coding and contract attorney review across multiple review teams.
  • Devised and delivered a rolling production strategy that satisfied the DOJ’s requirements and met the six-week deadline.


Review speed and accuracy were optimized through expert-driven use of technology, enabling the client to meet a challenging deadline that would have not otherwise have been feasible using traditional linear review. By leveraging analytics, costly manual review was avoided on 75 percent of the document population, while exceeding the DOJ’s statistical requirements.