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Case Study  ·  On-Demand Resourcing

Revising Countless Agreements in a Short Time Frame


Energy & Natural Resources

cost savings


A large energy infrastructure company needed to revise templates for a large number of specialized agreements, but did not have the time or expertise to complete the work quickly enough to meet the business’s requirements in a cost-effective manner.



  • Placed a Morae attorney on the project to work closely with the business and under the management of the in-house lawyers to revise templates and drive a streamlined agreement that is consistent with company strategy.
  • Negotiated a fixed fee arrangement to reduce cost and improve predictability


Time to complete these important templates went from “no real plan” to “done” in a matter of weeks with no distraction, allowing the law department to incorporate this important building block while continuing to focus on more strategic work. Additionally, our predictable pricing solution resulted in a 40 percent savings for this work compared to the alternative solutions the department had been considering.

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