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Scaling Up When Noncore Functions Become Temporarily Critical


A Fortune 100 company sought to increase its responsiveness and expertise in support of its information technology licensing and real estate agreements, which are noncore, but important aspects of its business. The immediacy of the issue was heightened by the need to assist in the due diligence and assignment of a large volume of information technology licenses as part of the multibillion-dollar sale of a business unit.



  • Placed appropriately skilled Morae attorneys to support the client in completing the analysis and transfer of technology licenses so that a major transaction could be completed in a timely manner.
  • Continued supporting the client post-transaction for all negotiating, drafting and counsel related to technology licensing.
  • Leveraged our experience and understanding of the company’s licensing processes and strategies and identified improvements to reduce the spend by 30 percent going forward.


By outsourcing the support of important, but noncore work to seasoned professionals with significant experience, the company was able to scale up quickly to handle a short-term project at a reasonable cost. On a longer-term basis, the company was able to reduce its spend on the lawyers it engaged while reducing the amount of attorney hours required to support the business. Response time decreased and quality of support increased as costs went down.

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