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Serving as the Office of General Counsel in a Major Transaction


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savings on legal fees


A private equity firm did not have a law department and needed to complete its nine-figure acquisition of an international company. The firm wanted a comprehensive legal strategy to address issues spanning multiple jurisdictions and to control costs for the acquisition.



  • Placed a team of Morae attorneys to serve as the private equity firm’s office of the general counsel.
  • Developed a comprehensive legal strategy for the acquisition, including building out the skill sets necessary for the team, including skills and expertise needed from outside counsel.
  • Quarterbacked a team of multinational jurisdictional outside counsel to efficiently manage and close the transaction.


With Morae attorneys serving as its office of the general counsel, the firm’s legal strategy remained in total alignment with its management’s objectives. The strategy, staffing, management and execution of the legal side of the acquisition were well understood and in lockstep with the business. Management was free to focus on the business issues while achieving savings of 40 percent on legal fees as compared to comparable outside law firm rates.

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