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Supporting International Litigation

Providing expertise ranging from strategy to language to culture to data and claims management






A large infrastructure construction company was faced with major litigation in a foreign jurisdiction. While it has outside counsel to represent it in-country, the company confronted a growing scope in the matter, which only amplifies the difficulties presented by language, culture, jurisdictional differences and distant locales. Despite being a global company, it did not have all of the internal resources required to effectively strategize, administer and drive these cases toward successful resolution in this jurisdiction.



  • Supported the existing team by bringing in a senior Morae attorney with experience in the jurisdiction and business climate, as well as experience in the specific subject matter of the litigation.
  • Created the communication systems and data flow necessary to keep the full team, both in-country and at the U.S. headquarters, informed on a timely basis in an environment where things were changing daily.
  • Assisted the in-house team in developing an endgame strategy for working through the litigation, as well as preparation of materials for communication with senior management.
  • Developed a flexible alternative fee arrangement that relied on hourly rates for uncertain work and fixed fees wherever and whenever possible.


By relying on Morae attorneys and other technical and project management resources, the company was able to fill gaps in areas ranging from strategy to language to culture to data and claims management. All of these services aided the company in gaining an understanding of the growing and evolving litigation in a foreign environment, getting control of the litigation and developing a strategy to effectively work it to a successful conclusion over time. The adaptable fee arrangement that was part hourly and part fixed fee allowed for both flexibility and increased predictability.

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