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Talent Management as a Differentiator

Improving employee retention while building bench strength




Talent Management Program




A large manufacturing company with an international law department was concerned about the looming risk of attrition and “brain drain” from senior team members.


By working with senior leadership in the law department and partnering closely with HR business partners, Morae designed a comprehensive Talent Management Program that:

  • Developed career advancement and training opportunities.
  • Customized career ladders to provide clear paths for growth and advancement.
  • Created rotational opportunities for professional development and retention of top and “high-potential” talent.
  • Built a functional training calendar to shore up critical skills.


The law department improved employee retention rates by “growing its own” while building bench strength for workload spikes and unwanted attrition. The company’s lawyers and other legal professionals discovered a newfound passion and dedication for their work, as demonstrated by overall service delivery to the business.

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