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Understanding How Stakeholders View the Law Department

Understanding the needs and wants of corporate leadership and other key stakeholders




Voice of Customer Assessment




The law department at a leading multinational courier sought to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction by gaining a better understanding of how its internal clients viewed and used the department’s resources.


Our professionals:

  • Designed and executed an internal online survey to better understand the viewpoints of key clients, stakeholders and law department staff.
  • Conducted follow-up discussions to gain a deeper understanding of key areas.
  • Provided observations and recommendations with bespoke insights on:
    • how the stakeholders view the department and its role in the organization;
    • when, why and how the clients engage with the department;
    • the attributes clients most value;
    • how the law department’s priorities and delivery methods align with their expectations; and
    • opportunities for better alignment with senior leadership, customers and partners.


Through a comprehensive Voice of Customer assessment based on best practices, the law department was able to better understand the needs and wants of corporate leadership and other key stakeholders. The assessment also facilitated strategic and long-term planning, provided concrete ways to improve service delivery and determined metrics to help demonstrate legal’s value to the enterprise.

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