On May 16, Clutch Group CEO Abhi Shah joined other leading experts on Indo-US entrepreneurship at the 2009 India Leadership Summit to discuss the challenges faced by young Indian businesspeople today, as well as his own unique experiences building a leading global legal solutions company.

The entrepreneurship panel, Indo-US Ventures: The Road Ahead, was one of six topics covered at this year’s India Leadership Summit, which was organized by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and held at the Harper Center. In past years, the conference has featured speakers including former Disinvestment Minister of India Dr. Arun Shourie and State Bank of India CEO O.P. Bhatt.

“The traditional models for startups, outsourcing, and Indo-US businesses have changed dramatically since I graduated from business school,” said Shah. “A dialogue with high-level professionals on what Indian entrepreneurs have accomplished and where they are leading us is sure to be fascinating, and I enjoyed contributing my own experiences to the discussion.”

As a global outsourcing entrepreneur, and as the co-founder of the Alliance for US India Business (AUSIB) and the US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC), Shah is particularly qualified to engage with his peers and business students alike on globalization, outsourcing, leadership, and India’s place in the future of business. Shah has spoken on similar topics at Harvard, Yale, and Columbia, as well as at a number of industry conferences. Recently, Harvard Business School published a case study analyzing the company’s successful and innovative strategies.

South Asian Business Group (SABG) conference co-chair Shriya Lall added, “New Indo-US businesses face one-of-a-kind operational challenges and financing options. Abhi Shah’s distinctive perspective on these topics was a great value to the panel, as well as the summit as a whole.”