Clutch Introduces , a Premier Cloud-Based eDiscovery Solution

HOUSTON, March 7, 2018 — CLUTCH Information Management & Discovery, a unit of
Morae Global Corporation, a leading provider of integrated consulting solutions for the
legal and compliance functions, today introduces ClutchCumulus. This new cloud-
based eDiscovery service offers rapid scalability with state of the art security at low
cost, enabling corporate law departments and law firms of every size to meet their data
management needs.

“The world’s data will explode 10-fold to 44 zettabytes by 2020, so it’s a significant
challenge for our legal clients to rapidly digest the vast amount of information and find
the key facts that matter the most,” according to James Neath, President of the
CLUTCH GROUP at Morae Global. “The problem is especially acute in litigation and
corporate investigations, where timely data triage and review can make all the
difference. A new highly secure and cost-effective approach to eDiscovery is required
to level the playing field for companies and law firms faced with daunting volumes of
information. This is why we are introducing our new cloud-based eDiscovery solution
called ClutchCumulus.”

Deploying in the cloud allows CLUTCH to deliver its state-of- the-art eDiscovery and
global document review solutions – previously only available to the world’s largest and
most sophisticated financial institutions – on any and all eDiscovery projects, no matter
the size or complexity.

ClutchCumulus offers the following benefits:

1. Better Security and Privacy

While the cloud was once viewed as a security risk, it is now considered more secure
than most on-premises solutions. Hosting on RelativityOne, which sits in Microsoft
Azure, takes advantage of Microsoft’s enormous investment in its security infrastructure.
Microsoft has the resources to monitor hosting services 24/7, rapidly implement security
updates and patches, and provide a level of redundancy and protection not available in
a traditional IT environment.

2. Zero Infrastructure

Deploying in the cloud requires no infrastructure investment and puts at the client’s
fingertips the computing speed and power of the world’s largest tech companies. It also
facilitates low and flexible pricing.

3. IT-Friendly

Today, most organizations have begun to build an IT strategy around the cloud, while
the legal function has been off-strategy. Deploying in the cloud allows the legal function
to leverage and capitalize on IT initiatives and funding, setting the stage for better
support and cooperation going forward.

4. Easily Integrated and Scalable

It is often hard to predict how much computer storage is needed for any given project.
Deploying in the cloud allows clients to scale up or down almost instantly, enabling
projects to get started faster and be delivered at a lower overall cost.

5. Familiar Interface

Relativity, by far the most popular eDiscovery hosting platform, now has a cloud-based
offering called RelativityOne, so there is almost no learning curve for legal and review
teams. Morae Global’s CLUTCH division was the first in the United States to offer
Relativity One to its clients and was among the first to offer a comprehensive managed
eDiscovery solution in the cloud in the UK, too.

6. AI-Based Data Set Reduction

The speed and power of the cloud can amplify the impact of state-of- the-art Artificial
Intelligence (AI) technology to quickly and automatically reduce the size of data sets
requiring eyes-on review, especially when deployed by a team of data and review-
process experts. Speed can be increased further when leveraged by a network of global
document review centers.
Clutch Cumulus delivers these benefits on matters of all sizes and complexity with a
skilled project management team of seasoned lawyers. State of the art eDiscovery and
global document review capabilities like these were previously available only to the
biggest players who were willing to invest heavily on high volume eDiscovery projects.
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