Curt Kramer, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Navistar International Corporation, joined Chuki Obiyo of Morae Global to discuss practical legal and business insights on the law department’s mission to protect and enable the business.

It has become standard practice for law departments of all shapes and sizes to function as a protector of the business, but business demands now require law departments to make progress in also becoming a business enabler. To be a better business enabler, what do law departments need to get right?

“To be a business enabler, lawyers must think outside the box,” says Curt.  In turn, “the business should consult with lawyers earlier to shape a better outcome or resolution.”  Curt and his legal function colleagues are making progress on their mission.

Listen to Curt and Chuki discuss this progress and explore practical insights on what law departments need to get right— the right people, process, systems, and scorecard… for free access to the full podcast, please email [email protected] 

The Law Department as a Business Enabler (preview clip below)