Chief compliance officers at global companies share many of the same challenges despite being in diverse industries, according to Brandon Daniels, president of legal services firm Clutch Group, which serves corporate law departments.

Daniels, who is moderating a May 14 panel on regulatory exposure in the current business climate, told that panel members from various industries saw “a huge volume of overlap on core concerns of CCOs.”

The panel is part of the 9th annual Information Governance and eDiscovery Summit in London, May 13-15, sponsored by Ernst & Young Global. Panel members include Candy Lawson, group chief compliance officer in Europe and Asia for News Corporation; Linda Szymanski, chief ethics and compliance officer at Royal Dutch Shell; and Ron Wills, senior director of legal affairs and head of governance, risk and compliance at McAfee Inc., the network security company.

Daniels said their shared concerns center around how to build a culture of compliance in emerging markets such as India or China. “We’ve seen massive investigations around someone who says to a Chinese official, ‘Give me this deal and I will put one of your relatives in a high-profile job in my company,’” he said. Or the deal could include giving expensive gifts to an official.

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