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In our digital age, the cloud has changed everything. By 2020, 92 percent of all data center traffic will be in the cloud – and that’s not by accident. Cloud-based platforms deliver superior scalability, improved data security and unmatched power.

Cloud-based eDiscovery on the RelativityOne platform with secure processing, review, hosting and production by CLUTCH.

Deploying in the cloud allows us to deliver our state-of-the-art eDiscovery and global document review solutions – previously only available to the world’s largest and most sophisticated financial institutions – on any and all eDiscovery projects, no matter the size or complexity.

Simple, fast, predictable eDiscovery at an unbeatable price – we call it ClutchCumulus.

ClutchCumulus transforms the way eDiscovery is delivered. No other eDiscovery service offers so much.

eDiscovery Security and Privacy

While the cloud was once viewed as a security risk, it is now considered more secure than most on-premises solutions. We host on RelativityOne, which sits in Microsoft Azure, to take advantage of the billions of dollars that Microsoft has invested in its security infrastructure. (Can your service provider say that?) All data is encrypted and can stay in whichever privacy regime you direct.

Zero Infrastructure eDiscovery Means Affordability

ClutchCumulus requires no infrastructure investment and puts at your disposal the computing speed and power of the world’s largest tech companies. It also allows us to offer extremely low and flexible pricing. The cloud affords an irrefutable economic edge, and we take full advantage of this to save you money.

IT-Friendly eDiscovery

Today, most organizations have set IT strategy around the cloud. Legal has been off-strategy with respect to corporate IT as a general rule, and aligning with them now is powerful because it allows you to piggyback on IT initiatives and funding and set the stage for better support and cooperation going forward.

Easily Integrated and Scalable eDiscovery

We know it is often hard to predict how much computer storage you need, and with ClutchCumulus you don’t have to. We can scale up or down at a moment’s notice. You can start faster and work smarter at a lower cost.

Cloud-Based eDiscovery with a Familiar Interface

Relativity is by far the most popular eDiscovery hosting platform – in use by almost the entire Am Law 200. Your data sits in a tried-and- true environment with which your team is already familiar.

A Single, Centralized eDiscovery Platform Puts You in Control

Centralizing your data on a client-controlled platform puts you in control of the process. Your data is not spread across multiple platforms controlled by multiple vendors.

Automated Data Set Reduction Based on Advanced Analytics

ClutchCumulus leverages state-of- the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to quickly and automatically reduce the size of data sets requiring eyes-on review. No one has more experience with these tools than CLUTCH.

Affordable, Defensible, Global Document Review, 24/7

We have document review centers around the globe, which allows us to consistently deliver high-quality, cost-effective results – fast.

Secure, competitively priced, managed eDiscovery services with scalable infrastructure combined with world-class project management.

CLUTCH project managers have delivered for the most sophisticated financial institutions in the world – highly regulated companies embroiled in bet-the- bank litigation or investigations with enormous troves of data. ClutchCumulus brings our unique combination of legal and technology experience to you.

ClutchCumulus performs every time. We focus on delivering value to your business, quickly sifting redundant, obsolete data to reduce volume and locate the facts of greatest significance to your legal team. This unique capability streamlines the compliance and discovery process, enabling greater precision and significantly reducing collection, processing and review costs.

Interested in learning more about how you can deploy a world-class eDiscovery operation for your projects at an unbeatable price?

Still Afraid of the Cloud? Don’t Be!
Your Critical Data Is Probably Already There.

Worried that cloud computing is inherently less secure than traditional IT approaches? It’s a myth! In fact, the cloud is more secure – much more. Azure is owned and operated by Microsoft, one of the largest and strongest technology companies in the world. It has the resources to monitor systems 24/7, rapidly implement security updates and patches and provide a level of redundancy and protection not available in a traditional IT environment. All data is encrypted, both when in transit and at rest, and supplementing with additional tools like multifactor authentication is a breeze.

If yours is one of the millions of organizations using Microsoft Office 365 or Google’s G Suite, your critical data is already in the cloud. But don’t believe us – check with your own IT department about the benefits and security of cloud computing.

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